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Locally Grown Beef

Our locally grown beef is second to none.

Cuts of Beef

Ever wonder where the differenct cuts of beef come from and why they taste different?
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Raise Your Own Beef

Do you want the experience of rasing your own beef? We have that option.
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Grain Fed vs. Grass Fed

There is a difference when it comes to how the cow was raised. What is the difference?
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Our experience with Rocky Mountain Beef has been fantastic. Their service is quick, easy, and very friendly. Amy and I have been eating their beef for over a year now and we absolutely love it! We have a large family and we finally have been able to feed our family great beef at a great price. Wildee and Amy Mortensen

Ephraim UT

I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Beef. I was very impressed when they took the time to explain to me the different cuts and why their beef is the highest quality. It’s nice to know the background of how the beef has been raised and know that no hormones or any other fillers are added. Their beef is superior to anything I could buy locally at my grocery store and at a great price. I can’t say enough good things about Rocky Mountain Beef. It’s by far the best place to go when looking for top quality beef and excellent service. Hiloree Nalder

Riverton, UT


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